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About Omsai com LLC Mortgage Service

Omsai com LLC offers personalized service to all seeking loans and leases options. Our services are providing the solution for financial consulting, commercial financing. We are the best mortgage brokers in Virginia, our goal is to facilitate quick and smooth loan obtainment so you can focus on your personal and core businesses instead of worrying about cash flow. Spend time on your business, not paperwork! We provide the financial solution for your personal, business and organization. We assess by giving importance to your personal and business performance in addition to credit scores to optimise your funding requirements. 

Mortgage Services

  • Commercial
  • Investments
  • Primary homes
  • Foreclosed homes
  • Short Sale homes
  • Refinancing
  • Down Payment Assistance


Provider and License Details

Hari Gadi, EA (IRS Enrolled Agent), MBA Finance, MS,Notary Public in Virginia

Cell: 571-235-4705 (whatsapp)


Hari Bapiraju Gadi (MLS number:1698015)

MLO-38521VA     Virginia Mortgage Loan Originator License  Approved       9/26/2018

OMSAI COM LLC (MLS number: 1767201)

MC-6870         Virginia Broker License          Approved       9/26/2018       9/26/2018